Another Reason To Be A Donor

Monday, May 25, 2009

Do I have to say anymore?

Nick’s mom, Carole Wiegand (another dear EMC employee), has informed us that what is needed to save Nick’s life is a bone marrow donor who is a match. The doctors have advised that they think it is highly unlikely that they can find a match for Nick as a match would need to be 3/4 Caucasian and 1/4 Asian. The doctor indicated that there was probably a 0% chance of finding a donor from the donor list , although they are still currently looking for a match for Nick and this is due to the fact that there are not enough 3/4 Caucasian and 1/4 Asians registered to choose from. Time is of the essence in finding a donor for Nick. Right now his white blood cell count is up to 1,500 (3,500 is low normal) of which the cancerous portion is climbing and has doubled in just a few days. Nick needs a donor match NOW.
Become a donor.