The Wall And Don Wakamatsu

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Caught this article down at about Don Wakamatsu who wants to help out with a new project in Seattle:

The first Asian-American manager in Major League history was shown an article in Monday's Seattle Times, glanced at the first few paragraphs and said he wanted to be part of the project.

A campaign to raise the $1.2 million needed to build a wall of 4,000 bricks, each four inches by 12 inches in size and inscribed with the names of an internee or veteran, began on May 1.

The wall would honor those people of Japanese ancestry who were interned during World War II, served in the United States military and, in Wakamatsu's case, relatives that did both.
Read it in full here and look for more information on the project in the future.