Manny Pacquiao Takes His Sixth World Title And Apparently A Lot Of Chips Too

Monday, May 04, 2009

After winning his sixth world title, Manny Pacquiao can apparently call all of the shots:

Manny Pacquiao prides himself as a smart businessman who knows how to play poker. Let future opponents beware: He walked out of the MGM Grand casino-hotel this weekend with a stack of chips.

A record-tying world title in a sixth division. A fourth consecutive victory in a different weight class. And a one-sided performance in a major fight that, compared to the Tyson-Spinks mauling and George Foreman's "Down goes Frazier!" triumph, has given Pacquiao unprecedented power in mapping his immediate fighting future.

The best pound-for-pound fighter in the world coming off a second-round knockout victory like that in a lucrative junior-welterweight championship bout against Ricky Hatton? That creates perks.
I'll still kick him in the nuts if he tries to jack me like White Santa - but other than that - cool.