It's Over: The Great Slanty Read-A-Thon, And Stealing Buddha's Dinner

Monday, May 25, 2009

While I know I shouldn't feel this good - I can't help it - I don't really do this that much anymore because like I've said in the past I'm illiterate when it comes to actual books these days - especially when it comes to reading for fun.

But after deciding late Saturday night to forgo hookers, gambling, strippers, copious amounts of drugs, and blowing my money on other needless (albeit fun) activities - who would have thunk it - I ended up reading this thing from cover to cover in one sitting because I happened to enjoy it that much (although I did need a couple of smokes because I couldn't handle the shakes anymore - which is my own fault for trying to rid my body of vices for one evening cold turkey style).

I think what got me about it was that deep down it was a story about food and relationships where everything revolved around food (or at least seemed to be): the mixing of cultures and race, being Asian in a White world, Asian versus Asian American, the ties of family - in that sense I guess I read it like I've watched Eat Drink Man Woman, Mostly Martha, The Scent of Green Papaya, or Like Water For Chocolate - I saw it, I tasted it, and I guess in the end, I just wanted to know how it ended.

It probably also didn't hurt that it was an Asian American story, because if I look at the books I actually have been drawn too, those ones I just don't want to put down - even if they are few and far between - they're Asian American stories, by Asian American writers.

And I think there's something to be said for that.

Now I'm not going to say I'll be picking up a book a month, or even with the extra time in my read-a-thon another full blown on novel (because technically it's over now that I've fulfilled my below average expectations -- and like a good Asian American setting the bar low I've actually overachieved and I'd like to keep that taste in my mouth) but who knows - maybe I'll forgo another night of debauchery and instead curl up with a good book.


It would help greatly if the next book had something to do with being Asian American, the main character had an aversion to clothes, and there was a chapter in it about street food - and there should be heavy drug use in it too - but not the life sucks intervention style I'm going to kill myself drug use type of story, but more along the lines of "who knew we would end up in a field of weed with a dog named Muddles and two strippers named Tommy and Cheryl handcuffed to our arms just as it seemed all hope was lost in getting the money for Mr. Chu's operation so he could finally live his life as Donita Nguyen".

Because I'd be all over that.