A Lullaby Rant: If I'm A Joke I Think I'll Be A Pun Inside A Llama

Thursday, May 21, 2015

This is just one of those posts where I'm a little ranty but I'm still lazy so it's kind of a mild mannered rant and it's probably more like a bedtime story that you would read to your pet lamoid to put them to sleep...

All I'm saying is that I work with people online, offline, and in-between on a lot of different fronts and you know when people either respect what you do or they don't in whatever arena it is. It's not rocket science. It's data. You may not always agree, or be up on every project and endeavor, but at least there's a respect for the work and the effort.

I like that.

Because you have to have that if you want change. If you want dialogue and work to be done no matter what you're doing. Change occurs all over and in different ways. No one has a monopoly or patent on how change has to happen or who's involved in that change, or where that change takes place.

If some of that change takes place on a half robot llama with a built-in PS2 because it's a cyborg llama going old school I'm just going with that's okay (and technically pretty cool as who wouldn't want a cyborg llama?)

Keep the same 'ol same 'ol.

I'm going with furry and electric.