Literate + Vietnamese.Adopted: A Collection of Voices + The Vietnamese Diaspora Calls Your Name

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Description: Vietnamese.Adopted: A Collection of Voices is a group of writings each in their own form and style, un-censored in content or subject matter, allowing each person to speak on what being a Vietnamese Adoptee, Adopted Vietnamese, or Vietnamese War Orphan, is to them, as well as in relation to the greater Vietnamese and World communities. Shaped by their own experiences, observations, country, and language, it is the goal of this book to make these narratives, opinions, and perspectives available to the greater Adopted and Vietnamese communities.

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I'm happy to be a part of this anthology and do what I can to help get more voices from the Vietnamese Diaspora, Vietnamese American, and Adopted Vietnamese communities out there. If you think you know the Viet community, but don't know some of the stories and migration paths of Vietnamese War Orphans and Adopted Vietnamese - you don't really know the community. It's like denying the guy who's legs are gone because they got blown off in the war as he's asking you to buy the lottery tickets that you'll never win anyway.