Anh 'Joseph' Cao And New Orleans

Monday, November 24, 2008

I was reading this article out on Anh 'Joseph' Cao who is running for Congress in New Orleans against a popular Democratic incumbent named William Jefferson , and one of the more interesting aspects of the article was a quote by Cao who said:

It's no longer an issue of black and white. It now goes to the issue of who's going to better represent the 2nd District to bring about change, to bring about reform.
And while Cao is a Republican - I like the fact that Cao is touching on race in his bid for Congress and how he's putting it out there that the only viable candidates aren't just black and white - but that Asian Americans need to be included in the mix as well.

On another note I couldn't help but wonder about the last two paragraphs in the article:

Cao has compared himself to President-elect Barack Obama for his potential for cross-racial appeal. But the Obama factor that may help him most is the possibility that black voters may not show up in great numbers in December now that they have helped elect a black president. Fred Menville, 47, who is black, said he was usually inclined to vote for Jefferson. But this time, he said, he got "what we wanted" with Obama's election. "I think I might sit out this time," he said.
I just think it's funny how they take one person's opinion and apply it to the whole demographic of black voters in New Orleans while at the same time neglecting to focus on any other racial demographic in terms of voter apathy.

Just par for the course I guess.