Two Random Video Posts

Thursday, November 20, 2008

After a long three day hiatus that's finally ended (I blame it on smoking lots of pot before actually signing that volunteer waiver which apparently means you actually have to do something) I thought I'd post up two random videos on kind of an old school vibe.

I'm not sure how I really got into the first - some random CD, in some random room, on some random day - but it's become one of my favorite songs by her - and one of the few folk singers I've really ever gotten into so I'm posting up this YouTube video of an old performance I found of hers playing at the BBC.

And as an informational note - yes - this is the first time ever I've used the tag "Folk" on this blog.

Nanci Griffith - Love At The Five And Dime

This next video isn't that far back in the way way back machine but it's definitely one of my favorite vibes and the video - the performance - if this is what U.S. audiences would have seen - I'm not sure how they could have ever said no - and if you've never seen this concert in full - you're missing out on seeing one of the best concerts and stage shows - ever.

Utada - Devil Inside (United 2006 Concert)