Artist: Katana And Kaotica

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I got sent some info on artist Katana who's released her album Kaotica, and from the songs I previewed both on her site (which you can download) as well as her MySpace page - she's definitely worth checking out especially if you're into spoken word and vibin' on the political and personal of being an Asian woman. Standout tracks - "Mama San", "Geisha Girl", "Woman's Worth", and "Night Bird"

Here's some more info on Katana:

Katana is a spoken word artist who was a ghost writer and backup dancer for various mainstream artists. She has now decided to strike out on her own by creating, producing, and writing her own album which is now available on ITunes. Katana has opened for Damian Marley, Mario Africa, Yellow Rage and Public Enemy. Lee Cataluna of the Honolulu Advertiser has said of Katana that "She speaks of broken promises, dead ends and betrayal; but within her words are the seeds of hope and the search for simple dignity."
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