It's Almost Over And Tila Goes Pole Dancing For Halloween?

Monday, November 03, 2008

I guess this really isn't a surprise, but Tila Tequila posted a video of herself pole dancing during a Halloween party and while you might ask the question as to why I'm posting it I can only say that in a complete non sequitur that the election and this endless campaigning is finally coming to an end, and while I've enjoyed the historical ride that it's been (and I'm crossing my fingers to see something truly historic), I guess I'm feeling a little hungover after watching the SNL Presidential Bash and I can only hope that tomorrow night early exit polls don't make me run to some seedy nightclub with a buffet where I'm drowning my sorrows in liquor and bad lap dances (and I guess I can now disagree with myself that this wasn't a complete non sequitur after all, and for some reason am thinking again about who actually eats at a strip club buffet because unlike the saying "You don't know where those hands have been" - you actually do).


It was too much work to actually re-post the video.

h/t channelapa on the tt video