General Housekeeping

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just a couple of quick items which amount to some housekeeping on some blogging here and in other places.

1. If you happened to catch any of my blog posts down at Hyphen Magazine, even though I didn't end up blogging there a ton, just an FYI that you won't be seeing them around anymore. When they asked me to blog for them I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to go the group route but thought I'd check it out and lend a voice over their way, and while it was a good ride while it lasted - all rides have to come to an end eventually, and I just wasn't able to keep on blogging there anymore as well as here. Make sure to keep on going out and supporting their events and what they do in the community.

2. Another FYI - if you happened to be one of the few who ended up finding the Slant Eye profile down on Facebook - even though it didn't have any problems for the past year while it was up and running apparently someone decided to call it on in and its been disabled. Not a huge deal as I didn't use it that often, but if you found the Slant Eye profile missing from your friends list, you now know why. Hit me up for another profile and if you're good, Santa Slanty will forward it on your way.