Ruby Veridiano-Ching And

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

There's a good article down at magazine with Ruby Veridiano-Ching where she talks about being the only woman in iLL-Literacy, working at Jive Records, Miss Universe and the hustle of being an artist:

A few months back, I interviewed Adriel Luis of the super spoken word group Ill-Literacy from the Bay Area. Well I’m glad to announce that they’re back in town this week (performing at Swarthmore this Friday) and this time the feisty lady of the pack, Ruby Veridiano-Ching has also just published her first book Miss Universe. I haven’t read it yet, but I know Ruby’s words, she’s fierce when talking about the struggles of interracial relationships, funny when she remarks the complications of a text message relationship and touching when reflecting upon her back and forth speaking of Tagalog and English. Plus she’s one hot mama who can spot a tight manicure from miles away. I caught up with Ruby, on tour with the rest of Ill-Literacy, right as they were descending into the East Coast.
Check out the full interview here.