Write-Up: New York Lately

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Got sent this in about a review down at Rogue Cinema on Gary King's New York Lately which I wanted to post on up. Here's a snippet:

Back in May of 2005 I reviewed an absolutely brilliant comedy short from director Gary King called Hubris. It was obvious from that film that Gary King not only had a huge amount of talent as a film maker, but that I could expect to see even better things from him in the future. For a long time now, I had known about a film he had been working on called New York Lately. I didn't know all that much about it other than that it was a feature length film, and vastly different from his short comedy Hubris.

Fast forward to today. I got the film in the mail earlier this month, and when I had a chance to sit down in watch it, I was simply in awe at how brilliant it was. This whole thing is like a showcase of what to do right in a film...
Check it out in full here.