Waiting For The People I've Slept With

Monday, November 10, 2008

Chalk this up to a film I'm waiting to see (it's in post production according to the film notes) and with Karin Anna Cheung, Archie Kao, Lynn Chen and James Shigeta (written by Koji Steven Sakai and directed by Quentin Lee, both of whom are producing as well) can you really blame me?

Here's the synopsis (which is copied from the film link below):

The People I've Slept With is a sex comedy about a promiscuous woman who finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy and needs to figure out who the baby daddy is...NOW.

Angela Yang (Karin Anna Cheung of Better Luck Tomorrow) loves sex. She loves it so much she needs to make baseball cards of her lovers to help her remember where she's been. She doesn't think twice about her lifestyle until she finds out that she's pregnant.

Her gay best friend, Gabriel Lugo (Wilson Cruz of Rent & My So-called Life), tells her to "take care of it," but her conservative sister, Juliet (Lynn Chen of Saving Face), persuades Angela to get married to the baby's father and lead a "normal" life like her.

Angela listens to her sister, chooses to keep the baby, and goes on a quest to find the identity of the father by any means necessary. She revisits her recent sexual conquests most likely to have impregnated her: 5-Second-Guy, Mystery Man, Nice-Buy-Boring-Guy, Mr. Hottie, and BFF. She finds creative ways to obtain each of their DNA samples in the hope of identifying the dad and ultimately marrying him.

During the search, she gets to know one of the possible fathers, Jefferson Lee aka Mystery Man (Archie Kao of CSI), and quickly realizes that he can giver her the fairytale she wants. As they grow closer, each discovers they both have secrets they're hiding from each other.

While helping Angela on her quest, Gabriel is sorting through his own relationship issues. He's 30 and been in lots of relationships but never in love. When he finally meets someone that he's fallen in love with, he's too scared to admit it and sabotages his relationship. Heartbroken, he tries to win back the first guy he's ever really loved.

Hoping for the best, Angela and Gabriel decide to plan a double wedding. Their philosophy is: if we plan it, the grooms will come. Or will they?

Beneath the steamy adventures of The People I've Slept With lies the touching story of the importance of defining friendship and family for a modern woman who must find the path to accept herself.
Check out the IMDB entry here as well as the film page here and an older interview with Karin Anna Cheung on the film here.