Burbank Police Department: You're Getting Sued For Being Racist MF's

Thursday, July 16, 2009

When you got it coming you got it coming, and let's face it, the Burbank Police Department has it coming to them in a big way by targeting officer Christopher Lee Dunn simply because he's not a White Guy:

Christopher Lee Dunn, who won the Medal of Valor as a Los Angeles Police Department officer before joining the Burbank force, argued in a 22-page complaint that he was subjected to years of racial taunts and discouraged from joining the department's narcotics unit because he was not white. After success with another unit, the lawsuit alleges he was targeted by management before eventually being run out of the department.

In May, five Burbank police officers sued the department and seven current police officials, alleging that they tolerated an environment in which officers commonly used slurs about race, ethnicity and sexual preference directed at them, their colleagues, suspects and the public at large.

Dunn's suit, filed separately, seeks civil penalties and compensatory damages. The Burbank city attorney's office did not immediately return a call for comment.

In addition to the Medal of Valor and the 1999 Top Cop Award, which was presented to him by then-President Bill Clinton, Dunn was the recipient of the 2007 Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Award and the Professional Esteem Award from the Burbank City Council.

According to the suit, Dunn's troubles began over his efforts to join an elite narcotics unit. Dunn alleges that he initially was discouraged by members of the “all-white” unit who said they did not want work with non-whites. When he ultimately was promoted, he alleges that he was subjected to racist jokes and comments.
If you're going to try and pull some racist B.S. in your department (which you shouldn't be doing anyway especially seeing as how you're supposed to uphold the law and be role models) might be good to stay away from the dude who got presented an award from a U.S. President.

Just putting that out there BPD.