The Kenji Of The Gallo

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I always find stories of redemption interesting on a lot of different fronts: Can people really change? Does redemption mean anything if you've committed unspeakable acts? Is it for real (both the lows, the highs, and the turnaround)? Will people accept the new them? If I put it all in perspective, what does it say about my life?

I don't know the answers to to any of these question when speaking of Kenny "Kenji" Gallo" - but it is an interesting read:

Hello, my name is Kenny Gallo, aka. Kenji, and I am what most people would call a very bad person. As a criminal, I committed sins for which no punishment could ever suffice and no penance could ever atone. If an enemy from years ago were to kill me, it would be the just desserts of the life I lived for two decades. After the crimes I've committed, it would be a lie to say that I don't deserve the ultimate punishment.

There's a reason I'm telling my story on DailyKos, however. Over the past decade, I've transformed myself from a car-bombing drug smuggler and mafioso into a committed father, law-abiding white-collar professional, and a gay rights activist.

I am offering my story in the hope that it will give inspiration to anyone who fears that it is impossible for bad people to turn good and redeem thmselves. If Kenji Gallo can turn his life around, then anyone can.

Continue with my story to learn how I went to life within Pablo Escobar's Medellin Cartel and the American Mafia to a Daily Kos poster agitating for universal tolerance.
Read it in full at the Daily Kos.