Some House Cleaning

Monday, July 27, 2009

So normally I don't need to do this type of housecleaning - because like me - my readers actually don't comment too much (I like to think of us as voyeurs) - but with this Golden Blade III post and some other things over the last couple of weeks I gotta set down some rules - so feel free to listen, or skip on over and not hear a word I say (and then that's just that).

1. My blog my rules. If you don't like it, I don't care. In my 2000+ posts here I pretty much delete nothing because my thought is that if you say it, it stands. But there's a point as well, and in the case of the Golden Blade III post - I decided that point was reached - and this was done for a number of reasons. If you post racial bullshit and I'm feeling so inclined, I'll pull it. Most days I won't because I'll let you look like the dumbass you are, but some days I will - again - my blog, my rules and in comparison to many other blogs I'm pretty damn easy. Simple as that. And as a general guideline, if you end up using a tragedy to market your business - which happened a couple of weeks ago - I'm gonna delete it if I see it.

2. To friends, foes, acquaintances - everyone in between. Online, offline, a conversation is a conversation - you give what you want to give. Give only what you feel is necessary, but always remember that someone's listening. Be safe here and anywhere else you hit up.

3. I'm the sole blogger here like I've said before - no staff, no group, no organization, no brand - just yours truly slantyeyefortheroundeye - aka Slanty Slant. When I post comments you see it under slanteyefortheroundeye. It's pretty easy. Follow the threads.

That's it.