Maybe I Survived A Japanese Game Show Isn't Too Bad?

Sunday, July 05, 2009

I only happened to catch one episode of Season two last week by accident (and I never saw Season One), but I gott a be honest - there's something mildly alluring about seeing the tables turned where you have a mostly White contestant pool (at least now) doing crazy things for the enjoyment of an all Asian studio audience where they're basically judged and juried by Asian people - behind the scenes, in front of the camera, by Rome Kanda and Judge Bob, in the punishments - they even make people read subtitles on this show (and there's even some AA representation in S2 with contestant Cathy Grosam).

Sure, I did happen to catch the Brent Alexander Karate Kid moment (but that's just on him), and in some ways you can make arguments against the show in terms of what people might actually be laughing at - but when you look at it from a perspective where on most game shows we watch we see mostly white people controlling the strings (at least on camera) - like I said before - it's mildly alluring to see Asians behind the scenes and as a host on this type of program (and I also thought it was interesting to see them show Rome Kanda both as his host personality and in regular street clothes).

So who knows - maybe I'll be catching a few more episodes of this MF.