Quick Follow-Up: Kenny 'Kenji" Gallo

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Got an e-mail from Kenny "Kenji" Gallo after I put up that post a couple days ago and thought I would re-post up what he sent on over (with his permission of course - because I don't want to end up six feet under with Hoffa):


My name is Kenny 'Kenji" Gallo. I was sent a link to your blog. To answer your question. People do change if they really want to make the effort. Some people are unable to change because of a mental disease.

I made the choice to become a Gangster when I was young because I was always looking for something exciting. I did not grow up in a poor area. I went to University High school in Irvine. It was my choice. I was in the life for almost 20 years. I spent from the age of 13 until I was 35 years old, locked up, out on bond, probation or on parole. I just came to a point in my life that I was over it. The life was a grind.

So I changed. I walked away and I have never felt like going back. I have regrets about some of the things I did in my life. Other things were just part of the life. Today I live a great life and if I can help others I will.