Race Roundup

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Racist White Canadians attack a black Canadian on video

One man has been arrested and more arrests are expected, RCMP say, following a vicious assault in Courtenay, B.C., that police believe was racially motivated. Jay Phillips was attacked Friday in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant by three young men. A video of the incident posted on YouTube shows Phillips, 38, fighting back as he’s surrounded by the trio. It’s not known who shot the video or posted it on the website. Phillips, who is black, said the attack was unprovoked. He said a truckload of men drove by and started shouting racial epithets. “We’re going to kill you, we’re going to lynch you — really vile stuff.”
Perez Hilton Possibly Racist? Gasp! What a Shock!

In an interview with The Advocate, Perez Hilton explains that he wanted to call Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas a "n*gger*, during an altercation he had with the singer. "But Perez tells me that, in the heat of the moment that night, he almost chose to use a different word. “I thought about calling him the n word,” he says over the phone a week after the incident, “but I thought the f word was even worse. I was so filled with hate at that moment because I was hated on so much, and I reacted in the worst way possible. Then I went on to make a bunch of other mistakes. I shouldn’t have made the video. I shouldn’t have released so many statements."
Listeners Say Local DJs Went Too Far With Racist Comments

Allen said she was listening to the program with her family when she says she heard a slew of racist remarks. In a letter to NewsChannel5, she said the host said African-Americans have a "distinct musky smell," and that they are jealous of whites. "The one host made the comment that African-Americans are jealous of the scent of white people's smell of success," said Allen. NewsChannel5's Maurielle Lue went to the WMMS station to talk to the program manager, but no one from the show wanted to talk, and some said they shouldn't have to.
Fire officials investigate racist graffiti at station

City Councilwoman Jolanda Jones, who has called for zero tolerance in cases of racial infractions, today suggested the U.S. Justice Department might be better equipped to investigate the graffiti incident. “I think there is more than graffiti,” she said. “I absolutely have good reason to believe there may be retaliation for something.” Jones, who earlier applauded the allocation of money for fire department sensitivity training and urged that it be extended to other city departments, declined to comment further. Fire Capt. Otis Jordan, president of the Houston Black Firefighters Association, however, said that one of the women who made today’s discovery recently had filed a complaint regarding vandalism in Station 54’s women’s quarters. Jordan said the complaint concerned the disconnection of cold water in the women’s shower. Jordan also reported that someone had urinated in the sinks and against the walls of the women’s restroom.
Muslims welcome withdrawal of offensive fireworks, ‘Run Hadji Run’

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) today welcomed the decision of a fireworks retailer in Wisconsin, Fireworks City, to withdraw a product called “Run Hadji Run,’ which was deemed offensive by local Muslims. The fireworks display a picture of Arabs/Muslims riding camels, with a fighter plane overhead. On another side there is what appears to be Uncle Sam yanking the long beard of a man in traditional Muslim attire.