On Administrative Leave: Boston Cop's Racist Henry Louis Gates E-mail

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't get me wrong - I know we have due process and all that - unions, associations - which for the most part, are there to help the employee against wrongful actions by an employer, or by just plain angry folks out to get the employee - I get that.

But when you're an officer and you send out a mass e-mail calling Henry Louis Gates Jr. a "b*nana-eat*ng bumbling j*ngle m*nkey" - dude (and there's more) - what other criteria should there be for termination especially when the Commissioner and the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association both condemn it?

I know - gotta be safe and do it by the book.

But if this guy (Justin Barrett) keeps his job after the termination hearing - there definitely needs to be a new clause in the employer/employee agreement.