Aziz Ansari, Daniel Dae Kim, John Cho, And Dwayne The Rock Johnson: Apparently You're The Only Sexy API Men According To People

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Actually purchasing a copy of People, I perused the pages to see what it had in store for API males and guess what - not really a lot. Out of the 110 or so featured men - I only counted four - yes - a whole whopping four.

Now - I'm not saying the men there shouldn't be proud to make the list - because you should (and you are some really handsome men) - but wow - only four of you?

Isn't there something called being timely in the magazine/press/journalistic world? Don't you think it would have made sense (and I'm talking to you People) to maybe at least have had someone called - I don't know - Justin Chon in those pages as well?

Didn't think New Moon would do so good at the box office?

If you're not going to be relevant at least be timely.