Kick It To The 5th Avenue Cinema And Come On Home

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another one for my indie filmmaker Ivy Lin - check it:

"Come Together Home"
A documentary by Ivy Lin

Watch trailer here-

Death. Disinterment. Reburial.

Discover the remains of early Chinese immigrants, and their extraordinary final journey from Portland to Hong Kong.

Upcoming screening-

December 4th, Friday, 7pm
5th Avenue Cinema
510 SW Hall St., Portland, OR 97209
*Q&A with the director following the screening


Block 14 in Lone Fir Cemetery, the first Chinese burial ground in Portland—and site of as many as 1,500 burials—now stands as a fenced off void of gravel after most of the remains were exhumed and shipped back to China in 1928 & 1949.

Sixty years later, Director Ivy Lin follows the footsteps of the missing 1949 shipment in an extraordinary journey from Portland to Hong Kong.