Thailand And Cambodia Are The "Traditional Places" To Have Sex With Kids?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

So I was driving around and catching up on some of my NPR - because I'm worldy dammit - and even though I can't tell you the name of the person that was being interviewed - who was also getting an award as a journalist (and I'm not telling you because I don't want too but simply because I can't remember) - one of the topics that came up was trafficking children for sex and sexual tourism - as in child sexual tourism and the basic phrase that got uttered during this interview was "People are not going to the traditional places to have sex with children anymore like Thailand and Cambodia, they're going to Mexico."

Let's be clear here. Obviously paying for sex with kids is just fucking disgusting and I don't care where it happens, if you do - you should get all your shit cut off - whatever it is.

That being said - I couldn't help but cringe just a little when the phrase "traditional places" was used - you know?

We can all say - or maybe some of you - that certain parts of Asia have issues in that respect - can't get around it - although so do other places in the world - but the point being is that is it ever really right to say "the traditional place to have sex with children is...".

I don't think so.

See - it should be looked at as a problem not as in "If you want to have sex with kids you go here" - to me - there's just a little difference, and I'm not lambasting the person's name I can't remember, or the interview, or interviewee itself - but you know what - I just didn't like it.

I didn't like the fact that people are referring to areas close to my mother ship as the "traditional places" to have sex with kids. The phrase "traditional places" and any variants of the word "tradition" should really be reserved for things like "A table is the traditional place to have thanksgiving dinner", or "The traditions of the school are kept alive by the alumni".

Call me old school, but I just don't think the words "traditional" and "place" should really go together with the phrase "sex with kids".

But maybe that's just me.