If You Call Someone Ghetto Trash And A Hooker Just Remember That It's O.K. As Long As You're Having Sex With Someone Who's Asian

Monday, November 16, 2009

I never really posted much on Ben from Survivor earlier this year - even though I saw a couple of episodes (I just didn't get into it much this time around) - but I happened to catch this newspaper clip of him denying he's racist:

Browning, 28, told Stuff.co.nz in an exclusive interview he denied all claims of racism. "It's condescending," he said. "My girlfriend's Asian so how does that work? Everybody who knows me knows that I'll say whatever whenever. "That doesn't make me a racist - just the ballsiest guy in the room."
This is the guy who said:

“Yamsin is just a piece of work. Yasmine has a big mouth. Yasmine smells bad. She’s got really poor grammar. I think Yasmin is pretty close to being a hooker. She’s ghetto trash plain and simple. She needs to go back to eating ketchup sandwiches and drinking kool aid and doing whatever else she does [...] She is ghetto trash and needs to go back where she came from.”
I'm not going to say that the coupling of people from different races can't or doesn't create some great conversations about race and racism - because they can - but it doesn't mean they have too either - and I don't know about you - but maybe if he would have said something like "My girlfriend's Asian American and we talk a lot about race, racism, the effects, the hurdles, being an interracial couple..." - I might take his comments a little different - but as is - it pretty much sounds like the same old WPBS (White People Bullshit) - the "How can I possibly be racist when I wave to the Asian family down the street? I don't have anything against those chinky little bastards" type of WPBS.

I'm just curious to know what his girlfriend thinks.