The Minority Militant, YouTube, And A Web Series Casting Call

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TMM is out to do a Web Series - and I'm definitely down in spreading the word - so I'm just going to re-post this in full:

Being the far left liberal that I am, I'm constantly thinking of innovative ways to empower my Asian brothers through the arts and have done so for as long as I can remember. Three months in the making, countless hours of wine drinking and debating with close friends and Lady Militant herself, and now I've finally grown the balls to step into the indie filmmaking scene.

Past the film festivals, the red tape, the bullshit, and the glamor of Tinseltown, The Minority Militant will be bringing entertainment directly to your living rooms at a computer near you with a very special web mini-series called Cafe Ho (working title subject to change). You heard that right, I will be directing, co-producing, and co-writing this mini-series come beginning of next year.

The power of a one-scene setting will be pushed beyond its limits. I will test the lengths of egalitarianism on the web and explore the deep issues that affect our communities through an Asian American male lead. Part monologue, part theater, part episodic, this will be my first project in guerilla filmmaking and it will be quite an experience that I want to share with you through a visual feast.

These eight to ten minute episodes will not all be about Asian American issues. They will be human. They will be about life, about relationships, about family, about friends, about struggle, about race, about love, and about the simple joys we experience every day through our social environment, conveyed through the toils of an unemployed, young, alcoholic Asian American war veteran and former gang member.

For all those that say we complain too much on the blogosphere, I'm putting my money where my big mouth is. And if we don't try to tell our stories the way we want them told -- made by us and for us -- we fail as a community, we fail as a people. This will be my attempt to bring you laughter, tears, excitement, and most important of all, solid proof that we can draw in an audience from all walks of life and rock this mug the way we want.

I know I have to work hard for your trust -- and I will. I can do it. Call me a narcissist if you'd like, I'm putting myself out there as sacrificial lamb for a cause I am ridiculously passionate about. I want to prove to every one of you that has a little faith in me that I am as serious as a heart attack about Asian male empowerment. If I fail along with my fellow peers, you will see it from start to finish through a documentary that will be submitted to a film festival. All I ask is for a little support.

Anyone that would like to be part of this project can email me directly and we can have a candid conversation after I pitch you my idea. I am looking for a co-writer and co-producer that understands films, screenwriting, literature, history, race, current affairs, and improv. No gender or race preference.

It will be raw, and it will be bold. We will bend the 1st amendment rights as far as we can on YouTube and walk that fine line throughout the entire series.

If you give me your hand, I will never let go. That's my only promise to you.

Please pass this along to anyone that might be interested.


1 Lead Actor (Asian American/Canadian male in Midwest)
2 Dedicated Supporting Actors (Midwest)
3 Writers / Storyline Editors (All locations)
1 Lead Producer (Midwest)
1 Film/Video Editor (All locations)



My Directorial Influences: Spike Lee (very heavy), Akira Kurosawa (very heavy), Pen Ek Ratanaruang (Last Life in the Universe), Antoine Fuqua (Training Day), Wong Kar Wai (very heavy), Kim Ki-Duk (heavy), Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction), Hughs Bros (Menace II Society, Dead Presidents), Zhang Yimou (heavy), Martin Scorcese (very heavy)

Any good-looking Asian men (Southeast Asian or East Asian) between the ages of 21-39 in the Midwest that would like to audition for the lead role can also contact me directly, from now until the end of the year. If you have time for one episode a month, dedicate one day a month to shooting, you are fine. Non-SAG preferred. Little or no acting experience is okay.

I am working on the treatment as we speak.

FYI: If no one fits the lead role by year's end, I will fill it myself -- and I really don't want it.

Projected production costs: Approximately 300-500 dollars an episode.

Camera: Digital 24 FPS and 16:9 capable w/ 3CCD (Possibly XL2).

Editing: Final Cut Pro.

*All proceeds beyond production costs from advertising and donations go to bonuses for the lead character, co-writer, co-producer, cameo appearances, and the Project X Fund.

Inquire for details at
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