Call For Workshop Presenters For The 2010 NWFASA Conference @ Portland State University

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just got this sent on in and wanted to post it up in full - and if you've ever wanted to put on a workshop - this one's for you:

Workshop Opportunity for the 2010 NWFASA Conference @ Portland State University

Attached is the workshop proposal form for the 16th annual NWFASA Conference on April 9-11, 2010 at Portland State Univerity. The theme for this years conference is "Isulong: Building, Creating, Forging Ahead". Last years conference held at Washington State University was hosted to nearly 500 youth and students from the Northwest. Please take your time to complete the workshop proposal attached in this e-mail.

Here is a short description of the Alliance:

Formerly known as the Washington State Filipino American Student Alliance a.k.a. "the Alliance" was established in 1995 by Filipino student organizations from Washington universities. The Alliance has grown to 16 member organizations from different campuses in Washington and Oregon. And in 2003 "the Alliance" has been renamed to be called Northwest Filipino American Student Alliance (NWFASA).

The Alliance brings together the various student groups on higher education campuses across the state of Washington and Oregon. Since 1995, NWFASA has put together a conference every year to gather Filipino-American students for a weekend of learning, empowerment, leadership, networking, and team-building. The conference continues to be annual, attended by more than 400 students, and has been held throughout Oregon and Washington. NWFASA's purpose is to build a strong network and community between the organizations in order to pool resources, increase education/awareness, and provide support to current & new organizations. NWFASA goals are for the betterment of our Filipino American community through education, student activism, and involvement.

Feel free to contact the NWFASA Executive Board with any questions:

Chair: Sincere Born at
Communications: Janelle Quibuyen at
Finance & Fundraising: Jenilee Policarpio at
Public Relations & Outreach: Lyndon Dacuan at

Also, feel free to contact Portland State University's conference chair and vice chair with any questions.

Chair: Irynne Padua at
Vice-Chair: Ryan Jumamil at

Thank you,
PSU Kaibigan - Filipino American Student Association
I can't actually post the proposal as a PDF on the blog here (at least right now), but I'm sure if you e-mail any of the folks above, they'll be able to get your a copy - but feel free to e-mail me as well and I can certainly pass it on your way (although e-mailing the real people involved with the event could be quicker - especially if I'm on a hot streak - because if that's the case - I'm just not coming home to the computer).