Listen + Buy: Cast Of Thousands And Applied Mythology

Monday, November 09, 2009

While I'm a couple weeks late posting this out - I definitely wanted to make sure and post on up that the Cast Of Thousands latest album Applied Mythology is out.

Our second full-length album is now available online and at select retail locations. Two-and-a-half years in the making, our new record explores the idea of ancient mythology applied to modern-day life situations in three themes: love and relationships (Cupid Broke His Arrows), betrayal and inner-ugliness (Gorgon Tales), and the milestones and end of life (River Rides For Just A Coin). Guest Musicians include Brian Glover and Ken Mahru (Parker Street Cinema), Anton Patzner (Judgement Day), Tin Fan, and Willie Samuels. The multi-paneled case includes beautiful illustrations by Thien Pham, Brianna Miller, and Gene Yang, and photographs by Brooke Hostetter and Jay Jao.


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And yes.

It's good.

You want to pick it up.