Chinese Americans, Community, And The Dial

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just wanted to post up this link from the LA Times spotlighting KAZN-AM and the community that it fosters with its listeners:

The station's owner, Multimedia Radio Broadcasting Inc., runs sister stations: KMRB-AM 1430, which provides similar programming in Los Angeles, but in Cantonese, and KAHZ-AM 1600, a simulcast of KAZN heard primarily in Orange County and parts of Riverside County.

The stations' combined audience is more than 250,000, according to a 2005 Arbitron ratings survey. That pales in comparison to some Spanish-language stations, but industry insiders say the Chinese American audience shouldn't be overlooked.

"Our consumers are educated, brand-conscious, bilingual. . . . These are loyal customers with high buying power," said Eric Chang, national sales account director for Networks Asia, a division of Multimedia. "The Hispanic market is 10 years ahead of us. But in another 10 years, we'll be just as strong."

For now KAZN remains the dominant voice in the Chinese community in L.A. and serves as a clearinghouse for all sorts of general information. On the weekends, one can hear Bible stories, Buddhist sermons, family counseling, celebrity interviews and lectures on immigration law.

Even its infomercials are popular.
Read it in full here.