News Roundup

Thursday, November 26, 2009

From across the way:

Filipino-Americans Encouraged to Establish Minority Certified Companies

The Philippine Consulate General in New York reported to the Department of Foreign Affairs that it co-sponsored a free business seminar with the Philippine Trade and Investment Center, U.S. Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (USPAACC)-Northeast USA, and BPI Express Remittance Corporation-New York at the Philippine Center in New York on 18 November. The seminar attracted around 70 members of the Filipino-American community and representatives of Filipino-American companies. Three high-ranking USPAACC Northeast USA officials, namely Mr. Savio Chan (President), Ms. Jackie La Joie (Chairperson), and Mr. David Blau (Regional Director) served as the seminar’s guest speakers. Three other USPAACC Board Members came along with them.
Asian culture and community events in the Dallas area

The Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce of North America represents cities from Honolulu to Montreal. Founded in 1987, the growing organization serves as an advocate for Taiwanese businesses throughout the United States and Canada. The group held its 22nd annual board meeting and gala Saturday at the Intercontinental Hotel in Addison. Several speakers thanked Addison Mayor Joe Chow for hosting the group and for his efforts in promoting Taiwanese interests.
Evan Low to Become Country's Youngest Gay Asian-American Mayor

[sic] ... we would be remiss if we didn't tell you about this youthful bit of human interest news: at the ripe age of 26, Campbell's vice mayor Evan Low is "expected to be selected by the city council to serve as mayor." This would make Evan would become the youngest openly gay mayor and youngest Asian American mayor in the U.S.
'Full cultural immersion' includes cafeteria food, too

Superintendent of Schools Michael Graner and five Chinese-American students led the delegation from Qingdao (pronounced "ching dow") on a tour. An hour-long discussion on the difference between the two countries' schools, facilitated by Graner, was followed by lunch from the school cafeteria.
The Hyphenite's Social Calendar: Asian Americans in Fashion, B Here

A panel on Asian Americans in the fashion industry that will explore brand, industry, and frameworks of visual flows of Asians in the fashion industry both in the US and in Asia. Panelists include Mie Iwatsuki (art curator and model), Susan Shin (dranding expert), Sally Wu (knit designer for Milly), and moderated by Thuy Linh Tu (NYU A/P/A Studies Program).
Dear USA Today: Asian-American Unemployment More Nuanced Than You Think

But the narrative is not as rosy as the article portrays. It reveals a fundamental problem for stats concerning Asian Americans: it lumps a group with diverse socio-economic histories into one composite and overlooks the disparities within Asian communities. Moreover, it largely ignores the working class who often face language and structural barriers.
Christian publishing giant Zondervan pulls 'kung fu' book

Evangelical publisher Zondervan has pulled a leadership book featuring a kung fu theme after Asian-American Christian leaders led an online protest against its imagery. The book, Deadly Viper Character Assassins: A Kung Fu Survival Guide for Life and Leadership, and its related curriculum included Asians in ninja garb with the words "character creep" and videos that featured "Caucasians speaking with fake Asian accents," said the Rev. Soong-Chan Rah, an associate professor at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago.
Swing voters or no-shows?

It has been a couple of weeks now since Republicans upset the Democrats in the New Jersey and Virginia governor’s races. Both of these states went for Barack Obama in 2008. There were two simple explanations debated among the pundit class (although in politics the reality is never simple): 1) The incumbent in New Jersey and the democratic nominee in Virginia were exceptionally poor candidates. One (Corzine) was very unpopular and the other (Deeds) was just too unpolished a candidate. 2) Independents are very discontent with Obama and this is a sign that the country is turning toward Republicans and Republican ideals [...]