16th Vietnam Film Festival

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just thought I would throw out some links on the 16th Vietnam Film Festival.

Awards buzz follows Vietnam Film Festival

Several films shown during the week created excitement amongst both audiences and festival jury members. For celluloid feature films, in possible contention for Vietnam’s prestigious Gold Lotus Prize is “Dung dot” (Don’t Burn), a war movie featuring a female martyr and doctor who wrote welknown Dang Thuy Tram dairies. The film takes a fresh look at the Vietnam War from several angles while highlighting the struggle of those affected by it.

Outstanding films being considered for Silver Lotus award nominations include “Choi voi” (Solitary), “Rung den” (Black Jungle), “Trai tim be bong” (Little, Tender Heart), “Trang noi day gieng” (The Moon at the Bottom of the Well), and “Huyen thoai bat tu” (Immortal Legend). The film Choi voi has been praised by critics in particular for the creativeness shown by young director Bui Thac Chuyen.
National Film Festival closes

The 16th Vietnam Film Festival wrapped up at Ho Chi Minh City’s Hoa Binh Theatre on December 12 after five days. In the category of celluloid feature film, “Dung Dot” (Don’t Burn), directed by Dang Nhat Minh, was awarded Vietnam’s prestigious Gold Lotus prize. The war movie features a female doctor and martyr who wrote the well-known Dang Thuy Tram diaries. The film also received a prize for the most vote from the press.
Vietnam film festival: Heroic Vs. Human

Critics say that the choices for best film at Vietnam’s premier festival mean that the industry is either making a clean break with its past, or possibly reverting back to old themes. Top honors at the 16th Vietnam Film Festival will go to either the newest Vietnam War film or a new psycho-sexual drama, with critics saying each film points the future of Vietnamese filmmaking in a different direction.