Truth And Fiction: Member Of Japanese Internment Denial Group On Facebook Arrested For The Slaying Of Prominent Asian American Family

Friday, December 18, 2009

APA Newswire

Early this morning, an individual still yet to be identified, was arrested for the brutal murder of an Asian American family including a young infant reported to be as young as six months old.

While pieces of the investigation are still being kept internally by authorities, a source close to the investigation stated that others may have been involved in the planning and execution of the murders.

“Right now we know that they organized online using a Facebook group,” said the person who wished to remain anonymous, “and we know that as their numbers grew, they became more vocal, both online and offline.”

Critics of Facebook continue to argue that allowing denial groups like “Japanese Internment Was A Hoax” are in direct conflict with the actual terms of service.

"These aren't groups that foster intelligent debate," said X. Yamada, a long time critic of Facebook's terms of service, "These are groups who by their very nature, because they deny what happened to Japanese Americans, are breeding grounds for racism, hatred, and in this case, the slaying of an innocent family. By allowing Holocaust denial groups, Facebook opened the door for other individuals who had no previous way to organize on such a massive level to spread their message of hate and xenophobia."

Inquiries to Facebook were not returned.