Your Name's Dick Chen And You Run Aerospace Wire & Cable Inc.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

While some people want to be musicians, filmmakers, artists - others want to run a business - pave their own way in a field they work in.

So I give you Dick Chen, small business owner.

Mr. Chen’s company, Aerospace Wire & Cable Inc., designed a unique, stone–colored cable that collects data on humidity, acidity and pollution. That kind of specialized product is an example of the niche thinking that has taken Aerospace to the top of its small industry.

The thriving business, with $10 million in 2007 revenues, is all the more impressive because of its location in College Point, Queens. New York City has been steadily losing heavy industry to cheaper overseas markets.

“This company is living proof that if you’ve got the right product and the right market, a manufacturing outfit can thrive in New York City,” says Sara Garretson, president of the Industrial & Technology Assistance Corp. in Manhattan.
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