So This Is How You Try And Close The Achievement Gap? Are You Kidding Me?

Monday, December 28, 2009

I've gotten to know enough teachers and educators to know that when you want to cut the achievement gap for students of color - in whatever area it is for whatever group it is - it doesn't mean cutting that area of study - in fact - if you decide to do what Berkely High is thinking about doing - which is cutting their science labs along with five teachers that teach in those labs you're basically giving the finger to those students who aren't excelling in that area.

You're telling them that they don't have the capacity to learn that area of study because of their color - it's just that simple.

You're telling them in no uncertain terms that they (as a group regardless of individual abilities) will never amount to anything in that field - and that's letting the innate racism that many teachers come into the classroom with - whether they know it or not - dangerously grow into an environment where they bypass students who have a right to the best education possible in a place where they shouldn't just be taught - but inspired and pushed and most importantly - instilled with belief.

That's what schools are for - or at least they should be.