Chinese + Taiwanese = Good Pictures And Conversation

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This is just an interesting article on a lot of fronts and I wanted to make sure and post it on up:

Communication between the Chinese and the Taiwanese is not always easy. But for the past few weeks, the more curious from each side of the strait have been getting to know each other with the use of hand-penned questions, photographed and posted online.

QQ, China's most popular instant messaging platform (boasting 300+ million users), has launched "Taiwan would like to know", a "contest" which invites QQ users in Taiwan to photograph themselves holding up questions for users in China. "Mainland" users then respond to the questions by posting a photo of themselves and their answer.

At first glance, the contest -- which will run until the end of 2009 -- appears to be a wily way for Tencent, the company that created QQ, to boost its user numbers in Taiwan, where MSN Instant Messenger holds the majority of the market. Yet upon further examination of the photographs and the enthusiasm they have sparked from users in both countries, the supposed contest seems to have done more than promote QQ across the strait.
Read it in full here.