JACL Takes A Strong Stand

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I was reading this article on the JACL's response to the mediation at Franklin & Marshall College where three Asian students were subject to verbal and physical assaults last year - because of their race - and I just think it's a powerful statement:

We find it troubling that when an alleged racial incident occurs where individuals are physically injured that the remedial process and consequences are veiled in secrecy. We believe racist behavior must be publicly condemned with consequences fully revealed to serve as a deterrent to future similar behavior.
It should be out in the open for everyone to see because it really is a deterrent. I know some people like their racism out in the open, but in a lot of ways, I'd rather have it stay where it belongs. Think anything you want but keep the disillusions to yourself about who I am simply because of my color and my ethnicity because no one wants to hear it - but if you do say it - and it leads to physical outbursts of stupidity and ignorance gleaned from an existence which has had all the power and chances a society can afford one group to which you belong - best bet you should have your ass out on a public forum getting raked over the coals of public opinion because it should be hot. You should be sweating. When you treat another human being with such disdain going out of your way to try and make them feel less than who they are simply because of their language, culture, or color -- it isn't acceptable.