Can Two People Make An Asian American Caucus?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I guess an Asian Caucus is an Asian Caucus - even if there might only be two people in said caucus:

Korean-American Mark Keam was elected to represent Fairfax County and Filipino-American Ron Villanueva was elected to represent Virginia Beach.

The men of differing parties -- Keam is a Democrat, Villanueva is a Republican -- have known of each other for quite some time, but met for the first time last week during new legislator orientation in Richmond.

Will the two form an Asian-American caucus when the General Assembly returns for its annual session in January? Maybe.

Keam (who will replace Steve Shannon) and Villanueva (who will replace Bobby Mathieson if, of course, he wins a state-funded recount) sure are considering it.

"We definitely have common ground,'' Villanueva said in an interview.

Issues the caucus could address include: Immigration, obviously, but also minority business initiatives, diversity in state appointments and judicial posts and economic development.

"The sky is the limit,'' Villanueva said.
Go WP.