Jeremy Lin: The Ball Don't Lie And Neither Does Chad Ford

Sunday, December 13, 2009

When you drop 30 and 9 against UConn - that says something. When you follow that up with another 25 against Boston College - in a win - that tells you a little bit more.

But no matter how much you say or let your game do the talking - when ESPN's Chad Ford says it - somehow it all just seems to sound all the more real.

Lin is a terrific scorer, quick, has good leaping ability and is a nice size for a point guard,” Ford writes. “The fact that he’s an Asian-American guard playing at Harvard has probably kept him off the NBA radar too long. But as scouts are hunting everywhere for point guards, more and more are coming back and acknowledging that Lin is a legit prospect. It doesn’t look like he cracks anyone’s top 30 at the moment. However, if he finishes strong and has great workouts against some of the better prospects in the draft, his stock could soar."

Two things I like about the above quote.

1. It legitimizes - in a very real way - that by simply being Asian American - no matter how good someone is - they probably haven't gotten the recognition they deserve (see Getting Screwed Because Of Your Chinky Eyes And All The Associations People Make Because Of It).

2. Even with that realization - or rather the fact that it's been said out loud - the bottom line is that people still are acknowledging Lin's talent and that he is in fact a legitimate contender for an NBA team because when all is said and done - the saying is true - the ball really doesn't lie.

Hear what they're saying about Jeremy Lin.