Ping Pong, Being API, The NY Times, And That's Pretty Asian

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Listen - I'm not saying that it's a bad thing to be talking about ping pong - it's a kick ass sport that I'll forever suck at on the Wii and while it's great that in some ways the NY Times is highlighting something with Asian faces (and to all the kids playing ping pong, you're the shit) - could they feature anything more stereotypical than ping pong?

Think about their other features with people from the API community - I don't know - say something like music, TV - really hot Asian male models - oh wait - that's right - I don't remember these features.

Maybe I'm taking this the wrong way and I'm just on a useless and badly written rant (even if a little one) - I just find it interesting that they decide to post up on ping pong for some of their "Asian American" news because if you look at their whole body of API coverage - a lot of times (at least from what I've seen) - it falls into what I'll call nothing out of the ordinary as far as breaking out of the typical mindset - to them - of what and who the API community is in real life.

NY Times journalists - dig a little deeper than walking down to your local Chinese takeout.