The International Museum Of Women And Brenda Paik Sunoo

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

From my inbox to you because you really do want to know more about the Jeju Grannies of the Sea (and you might want to congratulate Brenda Paik Sunoo too).

Announcing Our First Community Choice Award Winner. Visit Picturing Power & Potential and Choose the Next Winner!

Congratulations to Brenda Paik Sunoo! Brenda’s submission to Picturing Power & Potential: A Project of Economica, Jeju Grannies of the Sea, is the first Picturing Power & Potential Community Choice Award Winner, chosen by you, the viewer!, Jeju Grannies of the Sea depicts remarkable women divers on Jeju Island in Korea, many of whom are in their 70s or 80s! As one commenter notes, Brenda Paik Sunoo’s work is "a combination of surprising imagery and an equally awe-inspiring story."
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Picturing Power & Potential is a joint project from the International Museum of Women and the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery’s Art at City Hall program. The exhibition is now on display permanently online and in a physical exhibition in San Francisco City Hall through August 27, 2010.