Jeremy Lin Goes To LA?

Monday, July 19, 2010

This is mixed news for me down at ESPN - Jeremy Lin who I've pondered on before - might be making it into the NBA after all - which is spectacular.

Although it might be for the Lakers.

Really? Really Really?

Thank goodness I didn't put in for that transfer to LA because then I'd have to wonder somehow, if a small part of me would have to be Lakers' fan?

Actually I hear there are plenty of Celtics bars in the area...

"We're just trying to sort out the best roster fit, the best situation for Jeremy, but we're highly considering the Lakers," Montgomery said in a phone interview Monday. Montgomery said the Lakers aren't the only team vying for Lin, with the Mavericks and an unnamed Eastern Conference team also in the mix. Added Montgomery: "As of late there are a few more players involved as well." [...] The California native (Lin won a state championship at Palo Alto High School) turned heads last week in a summer league matchup against the Washington Wizards and No. 1 pick John Wall. Lin scored 13 points to Wall's 21, but did so on 6-for-12 shooting in just 28 minutes.
Like I said earlier - the ball don't lie.