Random Dumbass Comment

Sunday, July 25, 2010

As most of you know - or at least some (including my parole officer) - I don't always comment back in comments. Maybe it's because I don't always want to fuel the flame. Maybe it's because comments are spread across posts months or even years ago. Maybe I don't feel there's a need too - because a good comment is just a good comment and sometimes it's just nice to listen - but for some reason I just felt like sharing a comment from "Patriotic American" who had the following to say on this post:

No, we all know how utterly messed up it is that hordes of economic terrorists from Mexico and many other countries are allowed to stay and breed in our beloved country. As for you and your utterly messed up racist, liberal attitude - why don't you find another country which shares your moronic views and go there
Honestly - it's just funny to me in some ways - it doesn't even get me angry. It's like I've seen so much of this, heard it too many times - online, offline - and it's kind of like really? Can't you please come up with something new - at least some sort of argument that actually might be dialogue worthy other than calling people terrorists and to go find myself another country?

Yeah...probably not...