Tuesday, July 13, 2010

From around the way:

Dealing with Asian Parents When You’re Gay

It’s inevitable when you’re gay and Asian. It’s almost guaranteed you’ll disappoint your parents when they find out you’re queer. The question for most gay Asian children is how to lessen the blow. This problem is universal, whether you’re gay and Asian in the U.S., Canada, Asia, or elsewhere in the world. To get around this problem you could always try the “fake marriage” solution that The Wedding Banquet used, but it’s less than ideal and fraught with problems as the movie showed. On the other hand if you decide to come out to your parents, it’s likely they will ignore your pronouncement and insist you still need to get married and have children.
Take Our Jobs!

To address that one anti-immigrant sentiment that refuses to die: “Illegal immigrants take away jobs that belong to Americans”, UFW (United Farm Workers – founded by Cesar Chavez) has extended an offer that will make you put your money where your mouth is [...]
My Dad, The Vagina Man

Thank God my dad is a doctor. And not just any doctor – he’s a lady’s man, Delivery Daddy, King of Pap. Yup, he’s an OBGYN. And this morning, when I felt an awful burning sensation when urinating, I knew it was time to call dad to phone-in a UTI prescription at my drive-through Walgreens. No waiting for a doctor’s appointment for me!
"the chink in the china trade"

Saw this uploaded on FAIL Blog: Cultural Sensitivity Fail. This unfortunate screen shot comes from this Bloomberg video about Google's bid to keep its internet license in China. Yay for that, but whoever came up with that caption, "THE CHINK IN THE CHINA TRADE" is a friggin' idiot.
Eat, Pray, Merch: You Can Buy Happiness, After All

Cultural provocateur and sex academic Camille Paglia made the case in the NY Times recently that American women don’t have sex any more because of our middle class values and the cultural movements we’ve experienced over the last 100 years or so, with one exception: “Only the diffuse New Age movement, inspired by nature-keyed Asian practices, has preserved the radical vision of the modern sexual revolution.” (Which may explain why the “pray” portion preceded the “love” portion in Gilbert’s book, and why those two parts took place in Asian countries, India and Indonesia, respectively. Which means, no stereotypes here, they haven’t run out of sex or spirituality in Asia yet–phew!)
Toward a Post-Tool Society

On my most frequently used freeway exit -- which is perpetually backed up -- I always glance to my left and see a big yellow sign that reads: POST TOOL. I Googled it and it turns out it is exactly what it sounds like: a store that sells professional tools for contractors and hardcore home improvement enthusiasts. It has nothing to do with the colloquial definition of "tool," which is synonymous with "asshole," "douchebag," or "jerk-off." We all know a tool or two or 100. You may be a tool, yourself. We're all familiar with tools.
Warning: The following comedy clip is extremely fobby

It took me a couple of years of living in the US before I really got the humor of The Simpsons and Family Guy, so maybe we’ll be able to starting acquainting our non-fob fans with our sense of humor!
Q&A with Fair and Kind's Anand Subramanian

Recently, I interviewed Anand via email for MTV Iggy and thought I’d share an excerpt with you Sepia folks - first because we’ve blogged about them before and second since the two will be performing at UNIFICATION 2010, in August, an event I’m working on in collaboration with BROWNSTAR and hope to see you many of you attend.