Random First Impressions: AAIFF 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This was a random trip for me out to AAIFF - since I don't really utilize the press passes people send my way as much as I should ('cause that involves lots of traveling for me) I was like what the hell - lets pack a backpack and head on out, cause the last time I was out in NYC was for KAFFNY, which was a kicking festival, and before that - years - like a decade.


How I loathe and semi-like thee at the same time.

Subways with construction, a cornucopia of little side streets of food and people, the clusterfuck that is Times Square - which has the slowest Starbucks ever btw (because how long does it really take to make an iced coffee? It's coffee + ice. It's not a smoothie) - and just for the record - I didn't actually want to get to Times Square (the Gods Of The Subways Of Construction just happened to will me there).

At this point in the post - because I am dead tired and I really don't know what I'm typing - I'm just going to give a shout out to the Tokyo Subway System and scrap booking (and I can't really tell you about the latter, because that'll just get me thrown into jail even though really, it would be false imprisonment but that's a story for actually, never?).

But This All Has Nothing To Do With Anything

So instead I give you my thoughts on AAIFF so far (whom I'd like to thank for giving me a press pass so I can get into free movies which gives me an excuse to write posts like this).

One other quick note is that while I've taken a picture or two of people - some which are exceptionally horrendous because apparently in some lighting my camera is possessed by Glenn Beck - you get no accompanying photos in this post. But have no fear. My camera, nor I, have any shame whatsoever, so once I get back to what I sometimes like to refer to as my cave of masturbation, I will post pictures.

And without further ado.

  • I almost thought I was going to have to get in the middle of an East Coast West Coast War at the Interpretations Panel when the topic came up on NY versus CA for filmmaking and getting your actor vibe on. I thought it was going to come to fisticuffs. Really.
  • Who'd a thunk it, but I didn't actually want to touch Ken Leung. I thought when I saw him I might want to poke him or blow him soft kisses and make eyes at him, or at least try to grab some ass just to say "I grabbed Ken Leung's ass", but nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. I bet it's firm though.
  • If there was nothing else here that I did except see the film Yang Yang I'd be fine with that because it was just that good.
  • Seriously - and you can take this however you want because we all know I'm an ugly MF and you can't always trust the words of The Ugly - but there are just too many outstandingly good looking people that come to this film festival. I can't really say that about the bar I went too down in Chinatown - but AAIFF - if you haven't grabbed a ticket just to be surrounded by good looking people and support some great film - I just don't know if you really like yourself.

And that's my random short thoughts on AAIFF 2010 for right now (because I'm just waking up to finish this from last night).

More later complete with bad pictures.