AAIFF 2010 Round Up, Boy Bands, Kick Ass Film, Feeling Concrete, And That Random French Woman I Met

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Now that I'm back home in Minneapolis, rested, sleeping in my own bed (well not now) and have gotten the majority of my pictures off my camera, here's what I've got to say on AAIFF 2010 and other random musing from my quick jaunt out to NYC.

I should note that I'm also rotating between Atmosphere's tracks "God Loves Ugly", "Lovelife" and the "Mko - Memories - Energized Vocal Remix" two of which I'm listing below.

Chill. More Chill. And Feeling Concrete

If day one in the city felt a little hurried, albeit seeing some great film - day 2 was less hurried, the gods of Subway saw it fit to not make me go anywhere I didn't intend too (and a local I was talking too told me how the weekend and current diversions even made his life hard) - and I just walked, enjoyed some great people, some kicking music, one of the best Asian American films I've seen as of late, felt the concrete beneath me with some kick ass techno, and enjoyed the city.

I Have Pictures?

So here's more random thoughts on the festival with pics (which is still going on) and let me say for the record - some of these pictures really do kind of suck - but I try people - and really - isn't that all that counts?


This was the key to tickets. Present your press pass and get tickets for shows you want to see. In a way, it's kind of like a magic fountain and I like magic fountains.

Is it just me or is Toyota everywhere sponsoring everything Asian American these days? I decided not to take a picture of the Prius however for two reasons. One is that I know someone with a Yaris, and two - well - you may or may not already know my history with the Prius (which I blame on the rental people and not looking at something called a manual).

I give you a picture of some of the good folks running the Toyota survey area (who also gives out tote bags btw). I don't think they really knew what to make of me and why this strange and funny looking guy in front of them wanted to take their picture however. Now we know.

When you come into AAIFF you'll be greeted by some of the nice staff/volunteers most of whom I think are under the age of 25 which only shows you that Asian American film is in good hands. And don't they just look sweet and not like they want to beat you down? This is unlike that dude in the Subway who shouted mercilessly at me that I should take the Downtown subway and that my iPhone was full of crap.

This is just some random guy that bummed a smoke off me, and since I paid $8000 for a pack of what we have to now call Marlboro Golds because apparently they're not really Lights, I'm like "Let me take your picture". If only he would have known what the cigarette really cost him...

Random Signage.

These were people who were waiting outside, which I decided to take a picture of, and if you notice the guy in the checkered shirt looking down at some object, that was iPhone 4.0. Asian people + looking at phones + film = isn't that just regular?

This is Louis who I met down as he was covering some films and who's also the Executive Director & Co-Founder of the Soho International Film Festival. Nice guy. Always moving. And extremely photogenic (even though I just snapped him without a 1-2-3).

This is the worst picture that I took of people when I was down there, but I couldn't help but post it because these two were just too cute standing side by side and when I actually said that it made the staffer on the right laugh in a hearty pirate Hello Kitty way which I know doesn't make sense, but trust me - it did happen.

People waiting outside the Interpretations Panel. It was free.

If you ever wondered what the backroom/hospitality area looks like at AAIFF - at least at this one, and at least in the CV theater - wonder no more.

This was Art. I met Art at one of the films I saw on Sunday - and let me just say this for the record. Totally kick ass MF who had a ton of great things to say on Asian America.

This is a picture of Elaine Chin who I cornered, and I say that because the ever so gracious Elaine seemed to be talking with anyone and everyone who wanted to bend her ear about the industry and by the time that I accosted her outside I think she was ready for dinner. But even then, looking to avert my semi-stalker look (because I really do have that look) she still let me bend her ear if only so I could say it was nice hearing the panel speak, be completely random, and ask if she visited any of the great recommendations people gave her on NYC food.

And just for the record, the only reason I think she actually let me take her picture - as she said she preferred to stay behind the camera - was because I used the line "But I'm kinda pathetic and geeky, and you kind of have to say yes because of that."

See my fellow uglies? We do have privileges.

These are some of the good folks who ran the CACF table after the film "The Things We Carry" (CACF also co-sponsored the film) who also confirmed for me that things in Chinatown really do close that early, and - at least this is the word on the street - the only one who really counts in this picture is the girl in the middle.

Because she gets paid.

All I have to say is that I smell boy band. In fact I think JYP should get his ass on down to AAIFF right now to sign this stunning group of kick ass guys who hammed it up for the camera and who I get the feeling really can sing (if only Milli Vanilli style).


To The Cheeky Young Staffer

Who as I was walking out saying to my new friend Art that I would be up at the Hospitality lounge after I "feed my habit" said to me "That's a good way to put. Very eloquent." I just wanted to say thank you, because not only does it show that the staffers and volunteers at AAIFF put in their blood, sweat, and tears (especially dealing with people like me) but that they can also have a little fun doing it at the same time. And isn't what it's really about?

One Of The Best Asian American Films I've Seen As Of Late

I end up seeing a decent amount of film (among other things) and I'm just going to put out there that the movie The Things We Carry is one of the best Asian American films I've seen as of late - and one of the better films just in general that I've seen.

But more on that later as I make one final post.

Closing Thoughts On AAIFF

AAIFF is a film festival you definitely want to get out too and support if you haven't already and I say this not having been able to attend every film, every event, and every venue. They show great movies, the staffers and volunteers make sure you get to where you need too, they support great film, offer a venue for emerging productions and audiences, have cool venues and events, and if my time there was any indication - well - it's just a good time.

And To The French Woman I Met

I just wanted to say thanks...