Out On DVD Today: Tom Huang's Why Am I Doing This

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've already mentioned this film and DVD (pre-orders anyone?) and guess what? It comes out today. Like today today. Not tomorrow or some other today in a universe you wish you were in.


Lester (Anthony Montgomery) is trying to be the next Jerry Seinfeld, except everyone wants him to be Martin Lawrence. Tony (Tom Huang) is trying to be the next Tom Cruise, except everyone wants him to be the wacky sushi chef. Hot Amber (Emma Caulfield) thinks she should be the next Julia Roberts by now, but isn't. Against all odds, they chase the Hollywood dream, while courting beautiful wanna-bes and high-powered producers, as well as dealing with their crazy families in this hilarious, award-winning film that had audiences laughing in theaters coast to coast.


Anthony Montgomery ("Star Trek: Enterprise")
Emma Caulfield ("Buffy The Vampire Slayer"; "Gigantic"; "Confined")
Tamyln Tomita ("Joy Luck Club"; "Tekken")
Joe Torry ("Sprung"; "Poetic Justice")
Sheethal Seth ("The World Unseen")
Valerie PEttiford ("House of Payne")
Keone Young (HBO's "Deadwood")
Clyde Kusatsu ("Harold & Kumar" films)
Gerry Bednob ("The 40-Year-Old Virgin")
James Kyson Lee (NBC's "Heroes")
Lynn Chen ("White On Rice")
Obba Babatundé ("Half & Half"; "Ms. Evers' Boys")