It's Not Just Your World: The Cheonan

Saturday, July 10, 2010

From Those WH To Me And Now On To You.

Statement by NSC Spokesman Mike Hammer on the UN Security Council Presidential Statement on the Cheonan

Today’s UN Security Council Presidential statement condemns the attack by North Korea on the Cheonan and warns North Korea that the international community will not tolerate such aggressive behavior against the Republic of Korea. The unanimous statement, reflecting the shared view of the 5 members of the Six-Party Talks, constitutes an endorsement of the findings of the Joint Investigative Group that established North Korea’s responsibility for the attack. We commend the Republic of Korea’s restraint in the face of North Korean belligerence and reiterate our unwavering commitment to the defense of South Korea. This statement increases North Korea's international isolation, which includes the strongest sanctions that it has ever faced through UNSC Resolution 1874, as the international community continues to make clear the cost that comes with North Korea's provocative behavior.