'09 Rearview: Audrey Tautou + Coco + Nazis

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This is what kind of sucks about looking things up versus not wanting to know anything else about them - because there are two schools of thought that can be applied here if you think about media in terms of authors.

One is not knowing anything about an author whatsoever where you don't ask the question of why they might have written something. The other is knowing everything you can about them because you think it gives you better insight into their story.

I kind of fall in the middle myself because I don't have to know everything - but - a little backstory is kind of nice.

Which basically leads me up to the following: So I finally sat down and watched the '09 French film Coco Before Chanel and it was good.

I had no idea about the Chanel story - who she was or what she did and it kept me watching. I became engrossed in this story about this woman who just wanted something better.

So I ended up going on and doing some research and found out what some already knew - not only was she someone who made it in a man's world, but yes, she also slept with Nazi's and apparently used pro-Aryan laws to help get her ahead in business.

And she was charged with War Crimes (but mysteriously let go).

And while her native country of France just couldn't look past that - apparently - we and the British had no problem accepting her with open arms in her comeback.

Which all begs two questions/comments:

  • I say when you're doing that type of story you should really talk about the Nazis.
  • Since Audrey Tautou is the spokesperson for Chanel, I wonder if that means I should be throwing out my copy of Amelie.
  • I figure maybe I can keep it since it was pre Coco....