API Community + Patients' Bill Of Rights

Friday, September 24, 2010

Honestly - I don't know a ton about this bill, but at least wanted to post up a little from the democrats.org blog talking the benefits of the bill for the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities:

As of this week, sixteen million AAPIs can expect to benefit from the reduction of preventable diseases and conditions through the Patients’ Bill of Rights. When congressional Democrats and President Barack Obama enacted the Affordable Care Act six months ago, the new law included a “Patients’ Bill of Rights” to protect consumers and patients from some of the insurance industry’s most abusive practices. This series of provisions prioritizes preventive care and recourse for patients that have been unfairly denied claims.

AAPI communities are needlessly left vulnerable to treatable diseases and avoidable conditions because of theprohibitive cost of preventive care or because their insurance plans just won’t cover regular screenings. The Patients’ Bill of Rights will help to eliminate disparities that exist among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders by requiring providers to provide cancer screenings and preventive care without copayments or deductibles. As of this week, when individuals and families enroll in a new health plan, that plan will be required to cover certain recommended services without copayments or deductibles.