Let The Right One In, A Little Note On Remakes, And Watching Those Subtitles

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I gotta be honest - I don't always like remakes.

In fact - sometimes I abhor them - or maybe loathe is a better word..

But I get it too.

Especially if they're in another language, because as much as I love watching film from another country sometimes a re-telling is in order.

And a new spin isn't always a bad thing.

Like The Departed. The original it was based off of - Infernal Affairs - that movie just stands by itself - but the Scorsese remake you gotta love that too (and who wasn't glad that he finally got his Oscar?)

It was just done right.

I'm not saying I get people who'll never watch anything in another language and who avoid them altogether - because by seeing the world from different perspectives you get to know it in a way you may never have really understood - those stories that are innate to all of us no matter where we rest our heads.

I guess I'm just crossing my finger that when October rolls around I hope I'll be saying the same thing about Let Me In just like The Departed and not how much I wish they wouldn't have made the remake.

The Remake Trailer